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Price Carfrae Brown was born in Jamaica in 1814, the fourth son of a Glasgow merchant, Charles. Sent to Glasgow for his university education, he had a distinguished undergraduate record. In the session 1831-32 he was awarded a prize for General Eminence in Medicine and a prize for Chemistry. Although he graduated M.D. in 1832, his name appeared in the prize list for 1832-33, marking his excellence in Natural History. One of his brothers, Ebenezer, also studied at Glasgow, though not as a graduating student; he became a doctor, qualifying L.F.P.S.G. in 1838 and M.D. from Marischal College, Aberdeen in 1854. Ebenezer’s career took him into the Royal Navy as a surgeon and he settled in Helensburgh. Price Carfrae Brown, however, died in 1835, aged 21.


Price Carfrae Brown
Born 1814.
Died 1 November 1835.
GU Degree: MD, 1832;
University Link: Graduate
Record last updated: 29th Sep 2020

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