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Charles Brackenridge, baptised in Jamaica in 1822, was one of eight children of John and Rebecca Brackenridge. His father was believed to have been a harbour master in Portland, Jamaica, and died in August 1827. In 1839 Charles matriculated at Glasgow and began his studies in Medicine. Before graduating C.M. In 1843 he took classes in Anatomy and Chemistry (1839-40), Midwifery, Surgery and Practice of Medicine (1840-41) and Medicine, Surgery, Infirmary (placement at hospital) and Clinical Surgery (1842-43). Sometime after graduating he returned to Jamaica. At the time of his marriage to Sarah Guy Garrigues, the daughter of a prominent island family, on 24th April 1852, he is described as a practitioner of physic and surgery, residing at St.Thomas in the Vale. The Jamaica Almanac of 1865 confirms that he was still in practice there.

By the time Charles returned from Glasgow to Jamaica after his education was completed, slavery had ended in his homeland. His widowed mother Rebecca made an uncontested claim for compensation for the loss of seven enslaved persons on emancipation and was awarded £144. 12 s. 1d.


Charles Brackenridge
Born 1822.
GU Degree: CM, 1843;
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: surgeon
Record last updated: 29th Sep 2020

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