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Peter Charles Belfon studied Medicine at Glasgow. His matriculation record shows that he was the son of James Belfon, came from Grenada, and enrolled in the classes of Anatomy and Chemistry for the session 1830-1831. He successfully completed an M.D., and graduated in 1834. It is probable, though not established, that he was a member of the Belfon family who had acquired substantial wealth in plantations and enslaved people in Grenada. After emancipation, eight successful claims for compensation were made on the islands by Belfons, three of them in respect of sizeable plantations. The principal beneficiaries were John Baptiste and Aman Belfon at Isle de Caille, and Pierre Belfon at the Isle de Large and Hermitage estates at Carriacou, the largest island in the Grenadines.

Further evidence links Dr. Peter Belfon to the area, specifically Carriacou. In November 1847 the Rev. J.Bickford visited Grenada, which he described in his autobiography as ‘the Italy of the West Indies’. When he was at Carriacou, half way between Grenada and St. Vincent, he took ill. He records his gratitude to the doctor who may have saved his life. ‘I was laid aside by a severe attack of fever, which brought me once more to the very gates of death. Dr. Belfon treated my case with such skill and untiring perseverance, and in about a week or so I was able to resume my beloved work, but very feebly’.

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Peter Charles Belfon
GU Degree: MD, 1834; Medicine,
University Link: Graduate
English snippet: Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow, 1834.
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