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Biography of Agnes Jessie Frew

Agnes Jessie Frew graduated MA from the University in 1913.

Born on 12 April 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, her father, John, was a draughtsman who had already passed away by the time she commenced her studies in 1910. In her first year, she studied German and Geography, before going on to study French, Experimental Psychology, Logic, History and Political Economy. In the academic year of 1912-13, Agnes gained a first-class prize in Logic and Metaphysics at Queen Margaret College. After graduating in 1913 in the Faculty of Arts, she then married James Eric Ferguson, a chartered accountant of Clifford Street, Glasgow on 6 September 1918 and settled in Rutherglen.


Archival Materials

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Agnes Jessie Frew
Born 12 April 1891.
Died 5 May 1984.
GU Degree: MA, 1913; Arts,
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: Student
English snippet: Arts graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1913
Record last updated: 28th Jul 2014

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United States United States, Ohio, Cleveland
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Scotland Scotland, Glasgow
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