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Biography of Victor Charles Lazarus

Victor Charles Lazarus came to the University of Glasgow in 1906, aged 18. He was granted an exemption from his Preliminary Exams due to a Certificate from Franz Josef Realschule in Vienna, attained in 1905. Lazarus took classes in Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, laboratory work for Physics, Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Electrical Engineering, but did not graduate.

Lazarus was born in Vienna in 1888 into a Jewish family. His father, Josef, was an engineer and shipbuilder. After his studies, Lazarus spent some time in London before returning to Vienna in 1912 to work as a technician. In November of this year, Lazarus moved from Vienna to Kroneuburg in Lower Austria to serve in the Military. In 1918, Lazarus returned to Vienna as a First Lieutenant, having fought in the First World War.

Over the next 7 years, Lazarus split his time between Vienna and the then-Italian city of Fiume, now known as Rijeka in Croatia. During this time, Lazarus worked as an engineer and, when in Fiume, resided at Riva Marco Polo 16/1, while also maintaining his residency at Alleegasse 8/Halbstock/4 in Vienna's 4th district.


Archival Materials

  • historischen Wiener Meldeunterlagen - Victor Karl Lazarus geboren 26.8.1888 in Wien, mosaisch, ledig,
  • R8/5/27/4 Glasgow University Matriculation Slips 1906-1907 Men H - L


Victor Charles Lazarus
Born 26 August 1888.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1906-1910;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers
English snippet: Science student at the University of Glasgow from 1906 to 1910
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