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John L K Gifford Matriculation Slip 1916-17
John L K Gifford Matriculation Slip 1916-17

John Liddle King Gifford graduated MA from the University of Glasgow in 1921 with a first-class honours in Economics.

Gifford was born in New York, USA, on 12 March 1899, son of Cosmo Ferguson Gifford, a blacksmith's striker.

He was aged 17 when he first matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1916, taking classes in French and German. However, his studies were interrupted due to WWI, during which Gifford served with the Royal Flying Corps. He later returned to the University of Glasgow in 1918, taking classes in History, Mathematics, Social and Political Economy, and Economic History, to complete his degree in Economics in 1921.

Gifford left his hometown of Wishaw, Scotland in 1923 upon his appointment as lecturer in economics and history at Queensland University. Described as a product of Scotland's past tradition of creating graduates well practiced in political economy, Gifford was one of the first in Australia to write an introductory textbook for his course, 'Economics for Commerce' published in 1942. That same year Gifford was also recruited to work part-time with the Department of War Organisation of Industry alongside his University work.

By 1950 Gifford became the first Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Queensland, where he remained until his retirement in 1970.


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  • R4/1/12 Schedules of Graduates in Arts (MA) 1920-1921
  • R8/5/37/1 Matriculation Slips 1916-1917 Men A - G
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John Liddle King Gifford
Born 12 March 1899.
Died 20 October 1987.
GU Degree: MA, 1921; Arts,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: economists; political economists; professors
WWI: View WWI Roll of Honour Entry
English snippet: Economics graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1921, Foundation Professor of Economics at University of Queensland
Record last updated: 24th Jun 2014

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United States United States, New York
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Australia Australia, Queensland
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Scotland Scotland, Wishaw

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