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Leo Leslie Tait attended the University of Glasgow for one year in 1915, aged 28, to study Biblical Criticism.

Tait was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania on 21 April 1887, son of Washington, a farmer.

Tait gained a BA from Grove City College, PA in 1911,. before joining the Western Theological Seminary, being granted a Merit Scholarship and a Mutchmore Scholarship of the Board of Education in May 1914. He gained his Diploma in May 1915, and went on to undertake further study at the University of Glasgow in session 1915-1916 under Professor George Milligan. Upon his return to the USA, Tait graduated BD from the Western Theological Seminary in May 1917.

On 5 June 1917, while living at Mercer, Tait registered for the draft for World War I reporting he was employed as a student and Minister.

From 1926 Reverend Tait was pastor at the Brockway Presbyterian Church in Brockway, Pennsylvania. During the Second World War Tait received a Selective Services Registration Card in 1942, known then as the 'Old Man's Draft' as it registered men who were aged between the years of 45 and 64. However, he was not selected to serve as these cards were issued primarily to supply the government with a complete inventory of man power resources available for the military.

Tait died around 1960 and was buried in his hometown of Mercer.


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  • R8/5/36/5 Matriculation Slips 1915-16 Men S - Y No. 868


Leo Leslie Tait
Born 21 April 1887.
Died 1960.
GU Degree: Arts, 1915;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: clergy
English snippet: Theology student at the University of Glasgow in 1915
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