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Biography of Joseph Harrison Maxwell

Joseph Harrison Maxwell graduated MA from the University in 1910. He was born on 16 February 1889 in Brooklyn, New York, where his father John worked as a sailor.

Maxwell first matriculated in 1907, aged 18, to study Arts, and studied such subjects as Latin, Mathematics, English, Logic, History, Moral Philosophy, and Education before graduating on 10 June 1910.

He returned to the University in 1912 where he studied British History, Moral Philosophy (Honours), English (Honours), English Language (Honours) and Literature at the postgraduate level for two years. He received a First-Class Certificate in English Language and Literature (1912), taught by Professor William MacNeile Dixon.

During World War I, Maxwell held the post of captain in the Army Pay Department. Afterwards, he lived in Airdrie where he worked as a teacher at Airdrie Academy for several years before returning to the University of Glasgow, where he took an English Honours exam and graduated with Honours in 1928. He continued to reside in Glasgow as a teacher for the rest of his life.


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Joseph Harrison Maxwell
Born 16 February 1889.
GU Degrees: MA, 1910; Arts, 3; MA, 1928; Arts,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: teacher
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English snippet: Teacher in Airdrie and Glasgow
Record last updated: 18th Dec 2013

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United States United States, Brooklyn
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Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

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