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Biography of Joseph Zahra

Joseph Zahra graduated MA from the University in 1948 and Diploma of Education in 1949.

He was born in Sliema, Malta, in 1918, son of Francis, a clerk and manager. Zahra attended both primary and secondary school in Malta. With Fascist Italy declaring war with its new ally Nazi Germany, the bombing of Malta began in 1940. It was at this time when Zahra came to Glasgow where he enrolled at the University in 1944, aged 26. He took classes in English, French, Moral Philosophy, Botany, Italian, Higher English, Ordinary History and Ordinary Biblical Studies. During this time he received various grants and bursaries such as the Glasgow Corporation Bursary, the Carnegie Trust Grant, the Further Education Scheme Grant and the Education Authority Grant. After graduating in 1948 he returned for an EdB Diploma in the Faculty of Arts, having obtained the Further Education and Training Grant. He took subjects such as Psychology, Hygiene, Education and Physiology.

After graduation, Zahra lived in Glasgow, where he worked as a teacher.


Archival Materials

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Joseph Zahra
Born 15 August 1918.
GU Degrees: MA, 1948; Arts, 1944-8; EdB, 1949; Arts, 1948-9;
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: school teachers
English snippet: Arts and Education graduated at the University of Glasgow om 1948, 1949
Record last updated: 4th Dec 2013

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