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Paul Zelinka, Matriculation 1924-1925 (R8/5/45/3)
Paul Zelinka, Matriculation 1924-1925 (R8/5/45/3)

Paul Zelinka, registered also as Felinka, was born in 1898 in Husinec, Czech Republic. The son of a pastor of the same name, Felinka came to study Theology at the University for one year in 1924, aged 26. He studied Ecclesiastical History under Professor Archibald Main and Divinity and Biblical Criticism under Professor George Mulligan.


Archival Materials

  • R8/5/45/3 Matriculation Slip 1924-1925 Men D - F
  • R9/1/31/1 Class Catalogue 1924-1925, winter session, men


Paul Zelinka
Born 1898.
GU Degree: Arts, 1924;
University Link: Student
English snippet: Theology student at the University of Glasgow in 1924
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