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George Walter Tyrrell graduated PhD in 1923, DSc in 1931 and was Senior Lecturer in Geology at the University of Glasgow from 1919-48, and an Honorary Research Fellow from 1949-55.

Born in 1883, at Watford, Hertfordshire, Tyrrell was appointed lecturer in Geology at the University of Glasgow by Professor John Walter Gregory in 1913. Tyrrell received a PhD from Glasgow University in 1923 with his thesis Contributions to the Geology of Spitzbergen. In 1931, he received a DSc with the thesis The Geology of Arran, and was awarded the Neill Medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Murchison Medal of the Geological Society of London.

He was a prolific publisher of research papers, and his Principles of Petrology became a standard text-book. Tyrell also partook in expeditions, such as the Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate Expedition, in 1919, and to Iceland in 1920 and in again 1924.

After his retirement as Senior Lecturer in Geology in 1948, the Geological Society of America invited him to do an extensive lecture tour in the US and Eastern Canada.

Tyrell died in Bearsden, Glasgow on 20 July 1961.

Mount Tyrrell, Alexander Island, is named after him, as is Tyrrell Glacier, South Georgia.


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  • College Courant, No.27, 1961, p.70


George Walter Tyrrell
Born 1883.
Died 20 July 1961.
GU Degrees: PhD, 1923; Science and Engineering, DSc, 1931; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Graduate, Lecturer, Researcher
Occupation categories: geologists
English snippet: Senior Lecturer in Geology at the University of Glasgow 1919-48, leading British geologist
Record last updated: 19th Jul 2013

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