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Leo Zirkel, matriculation slip 1936-37
Leo Zirkel, matriculation slip 1936-37

Leo Zirkel enrolled at the University in 1935 for a period of six years. Over the period of fours years, he took classes in Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, and Physiology and was awarded the Carnegie Trust Grant.

On 10 October 1938, Zirkel changed his name to Lee Sinclair, and enrolled anew to study an Arts course in Semitics. He took classes in Ordinary German, Senior Hebrew and Ordinary Arabic for which he received a class prize in 1939.

Zirkel was born in Frankfurt am Main, around 1917, and was brought to Glasgow by his father, Chaim Zirkel, a teacher and a Rabbi, during the 1920s.

Lee Sinclair died, aged 24 in 1941.


Archival Materials

  • Matriculation Slip 1936 - 1937 Men T-Z
  • Matriculation Slip 1939 - 1940 Men S
  • Scottish Jewish Archives Centre
  • The Jewish Chronicle 9 July 1948, p12
  • The Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 1948, p6


Lee Sinclair
Born 5 January 1917.
Died 1941.
GU Degree: Arts, 1935-40;
University Link: Student
English snippet: Medical and Arts student of the University of Glasgow
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