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Bangsidhari Paul was a graduate of the University of Glasgow.

He was born in Calcutta, India, the son of Ambica Charan Paul, a zemindar (an Indian term for landowner).

Bangsidhari first came to the University in 1913 as a student in the Engineering faculty. In his first year he enrolled to take classes in Natural Philosophy, Mathematics, Physical Laboratory and Chemistry. In his second year, he enrolled to take Engineering classes, Electrical Engineering, Maths, and Technical Drawing. In his final year, he enrolled in Engineering classes, Senior Drawing and Higher Natural Philosophy.

Bangsidhari moved around when studying at the University. In his first year he lived on West Princes Street, and in his second year moved to Park Road. His address at the time of his third year matriculation was listed as for care of the University, meaning he likely hadn't secured accommodation at the point of registration.

Bangsidhari graduated on the 25th April with a BSc in Engineering. He seemed to excel at University, gaining a first-class certificate in the Second Course for Engineers, and gaining a Certificate of Proficiency in Engineering Science in his final year.

Upon graduating, Bangsidhari returned to his home in Calcutta, working as an engineer.


Bangsidhari Paul
Born 1889, Calcutta, India.
GU Degree: BSc, 1916; Engineering,
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers
Record last updated: 19th Dec 2019

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