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Kishori Lal Moudgill graduated BSc from the University in 1916 and DSc in 1926. He was born at Ballowal, in modern day Punjab, India son of Raja Ram, a retiree from the Educational Service in India, who had died by academic session 1915.

Educated at HH The Maharaja’s College, Trivandrum, Travancore, India, Moudgill went on to graduate BA from Cambridge before enrolling at the University of Glasgow in 1913, giving his hometown as Lyallpur, modern day Faisalabad, Pakistan. Over four years he studied courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Inorganic Chemistry, Metallurgical Chemistry, and Geology. He was awarded a first class certificate in the Practical Chemistry class of Professor John Ferguson in summer session 1914. Moudgill graduated BSc in Pure Science on 26 June 1916. He went on to carry out further research in to optical activity at the University of Glasgow from 1916 as a research student. He graduated DSc in June 1924 in absentia with a thesis entitled "Some Travancore Essential Oils".

Moudgill was Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science, and in 1924, elected to the Fellowship of the Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland.


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Kishori Lal Moudgill
Born 18 March 1896.
GU Degrees: BSc, 1916; Science and Engineering, DSc, 1924; Science and Engineering,
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Occupation categories: chemists
English snippet: Science graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1916
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