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Julie Elise Hoffman, Matriculation Slip 1908-09
Julie Elise Hoffman, Matriculation Slip 1908-09

Julie Elise Hoffmann, or "Hoffy" as she was called by her university friends, was one in a group of three Danish women who came to study Medicine at the University of Glasgow in 1908. Hoffmann, Agnes Rothe and Christine Larsen were the first Danish female students to attend the University.

Hoffmann was born in Copenhagen in 1882 to Johan Heinrich Hoffman, an entrepreneur and contractor. Before pursuing higher medical training, Elise lived in London where she studied nursing. She moved to Scotland to pursue higher medical training, enrolling at the Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women, from where she graduated MBChB in 1912. As part of her medical training, Hoffmann spent three years in Glasgow (1908-11).

At Glasgow, Hoffmann studied Materia Medica, Anatomy, Surgery, Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Medicine and Midwifery. She obtained second class certificates for both Midwifery and Pathology in her final year. Elise was an active member of Queen Margaret Christian Union during her studies, and in 1909 she was on the "Committee of the Study of Social Deprivation”.

In 1911, Hoffmann received a placement for practical training in Midwifery at Anderston, Glasgow. Upon qualification in 1912, she made her first medical missionary trip to Bangalore, India, and from 1915, worked at The Danish Missionary Hospital in Tamil-Nadu. For four years Hoffmann was the only qualified medical doctor working in the newly opened hospital.

In 1919, Hoffmann returned to Denmark upon her sister's death to foster the five children left, and a year later she married her sister’s widower Gunnar Le Cour.


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Julie Elise Hoffmann
Born 22 July 1882.
Died 27 February 1943.
GU Degree: Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, 1908-11;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: missionaries; physicians
English snippet: Medical student at the University of Glasgow
Record last updated: 9th Jul 2014

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