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Andrew Edward Wilson Boyd, botanist and mycologist, graduated from the University of Glasgow BSc in 1938, PhD in 1942, and DSc in 1966.

Boyd was born in Petrograd (St Petersburg), Russia, son of James, a retired engineer. He lived in Paisley when he first enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1934 to study Science. Boyd's PhD thesis was entitled The action of certain organic silver compounds on the potato root eelworm, Heterodera Schachtii, Schmidt, with notes on the biology of the parasite, and additional papers

Boyd later worked as a teacher and plant pathologist at Nottingham. In 1950, he joined the East of Scotland College of Agriculture as Head of their Crop Protection Department, and was a plant pathology adviser to the Edinburgh School of Agriculture. in 1970, Boyd was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


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  • Obitaury, College Courant, September 1981, p.42
  • R1/11/1 PhD Graduation Albums 1895-1965
  • R1/6/1 DSc Graduation Albums 1890-1987


Andrew Edward Wilson Boyd
Born 26 February 1916.
Died 12 January 1981.
GU Degrees: BSc, 1938; Science and Engineering, PhD, 1942; Science and Engineering, DSc, 1966; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: botanists
English snippet: Science graduate of the University of Glasgow, Botanist and mycologist
Record last updated: 17th Jul 2014

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