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Margaret Helen Rae Murison matriculated at the University of Glasgow on 8 October, 1928. She began her studies in the Faculty of Arts, enrolling in classes such as English, French, Italian, Moral Philosophy, Education and Zoology, withdrawing from the University in 1933.

Murison was born in Seattle, Washington, around 1910, daughter of Andrew Murison, a lumberer. She had a twin sister named Jessie Rae Murison and an elder brother, Rae Murison, both of whom were students at the University of Glasgow.

Following her studies, Margaret Helen Rae remained in Scotland and became an Assistant Nurse in Hairmyres Emergency Hospital, Lanarkshire during the war. On 24 June, 1946, as announced in a supplement to the London Gazette, she was awarded the Medal of the Order of the British Empire for Meritorious Service.


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  • R6/71 Abandoned Files
  • Register of Dates of Birth of Graduates R3/1/6 Volume VIII p. 42


Margaret Helen Rae Murison
Born 12 April 1908.
GU Degree: Arts, 1928-33;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: nurses
English snippet: Student of languages in the Faculty of Arts who was awarded a British Empire Medal(Civil Division)in 1946
Record last updated: 2nd Apr 2013

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