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Werner Zollinger was born in Zurich in 1900, the son of Eduard, a Swiss merchant. At the age of 25, Zollinger enrolled in a Theology course for one year at the University of Glasgow.

He later married one Sallie Wells, whose name he adopted. As Werner Zollinger-Wells, he translated his wife's novel into German as well as producing two original works (one of them a study of Swiss author Gottfried Keller's religiosity).


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Printed Materials

  • Zollinger-Wells, trans.
  • Zollinger-Wells, Werner. Die Zehn Gebote. Bern: Haupt, 1950.
  • Zollinger-Wells, Werner. Gottfried Kellers Religiosit├Ąt. Zurich: Artemis, 1954.

Archival Materials

  • R8/5/46/9 Matriculation Record 1925-1926, Men U-Z


Werner Zollinger
Born 1900.
GU Degree: Social Sciences, 1925-26;
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English snippet: Theology student at the Universiyt of Glasgow in 1925
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