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Biography of Thomas Carmichael Rolland

Thomas Carmichael Rolland enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1908, aged 19 and graduated BSc in 1911. He was born 3 March 1889 in Fiume, Austria-Hungary, which is now Rijeka, principal seaport in Croatia.

His father, Alexander Carmichael was vice director of the Royal Hungarian Sea Navigation Company and member of North-east coast institution of engineers and shipbuilders.

Over the course of three years at the University, Rolland studied Naval Engineering, taking classes in Natural Philosophy and Higher Engineering under Professor Andrew Gray and Professor Archibald Barr.

During the First World War, Rolland joined the Royal Marines Engineers on 30 April 1918 and held the position of Temporary Honorary Captain.

Rolland died in 1976 at Croydon.


Thomas Carmichael Rolland
Born 3 March 1889.
Died 1976.
GU Degree: BSc, 1911; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers, naval; military
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1911
Record last updated: 11th Aug 2014

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