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Biography of George Archibald Lundie

George Archibald Lundie matriculated at the University in 1836, attending the Latin Class of Robert Buchanan.

Lundie was born in Kelso, Roxburgh, son of Reverend Robert Lundie. After a period of study at the University and his work as a Sunday school teacher in Glasgow, Lundie was diagnosed with pulmonary disease and left for Australia in 1839 to restore his health. From Sydney, Lundie informally joined missionaries of the London Missionary Society in their journey to Samoa, where he assisted Reverend Archibald Murray, also of Kelso, in his work on Tutuila, an account of which was published by Lundie's mother in 1846, Missionary life in Samoa, as exhibited in the journals of the late George Archibald Lundie, during the revival in Tutuila in 1840-41.

Lundie's formal education came to great use in Samoa. Arriving at Pagopago on Tutuila in March 1840, Lundie quickly learnt the Samoan language and for about a year was able to offer great assistance to the fledgling mission. He became a de facto missionary, preaching and supervising the foreign native teachers and the work of the mission station in the absence of Archibald Murray.

Lundie died of his illness at the village of Leone, on the island of Tutuila, in 1841.


George Archibald Lundie
Born 1819.
Died 25 September 1841.
GU Degree: Arts, 1836;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: missionaries
English snippet: Arts student at the University of Glasgow
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