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Biography of Masatomo Naito

Naito Masatomo enrolled at the University to study Engineering in 1882, after having graduated from the Imperial College of Engineering in 1881 with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

On his return to Japan in 1885, Masatomo was appointed Engineer in the Imperial Navy, and Director of the Onohoma (Oshima) Shipyard. He retired from the Imperial Navy in 1888 and was appointed to the Japanese House of Peers.


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Archival Materials

  • R8/5/3/7 Matriculation Slip, 1882-83, Men, N-R.
  • R9/1/6. Class Catalogue, 1880-85.


Masatomo Naito
Born 1861.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1882-83;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers, naval
English snippet: Imperial Navy Engineer and Director of the Onohoma Shipyard
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