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Francisco Ribeiro
Francisco Ribeiro

Francisco Ribeiro graduated MBChB from the University in 1915. He was born in Accra, then British West Africa, and modern day Ghana. He was the son of Jose Francisco, a supervisor of Her Majesty's Customs on the Gold Coast.

Ribeiro enrolled at the University in 1910, aged 24, to study Medicine. Although he graduted in 1915, Ribeiro continued with his studies at the University until 1921.

He was an active member of the African Races Association (ARA), the Glasgow branch being made up predominantly of university students.


Francisco Ribeiro
Born 1886.
GU Degree: MBChB, 1915; Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: physicians
Additional Information: Public Records Office, (U.K.), CO96/504, 101219, Sons of J. F. Ribeiro, of the Customs Dept. Accra; John Maxwell (org.), The Gold Coast Handbook, Accra, C. Fairweather, Government Printing Department, 1924, pp. 592, 600; Jonathan Derrick, “The ‘Native Clerk’ in Colonial West Africa”, African Affairs, 82 (1983), p. 74; Kimble, The Political History , p. 103; NAG, Fiscian v. Nelson, op. cit., p. 104.
English snippet: Medical graduate and first Ghanaian graduate of Afro-Brazilian descent of the University of Glasgow
Record last updated: 16th Dec 2013

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