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Andrew Mitchell gradated MA in 1864. Although born in New York City on 27 December 1843, Mitchell was christened in Glasgow on 12 July 1844. His father, also named Andrew (1799-1876), was from Glasgow, and had studied at the University of Glasgow before immigrating to New Jersey, USA with his brother Moncrieff, who together with another brother, Thomas, established trans-Atlantic merchant links with New York, through the merchant firm Thomas & Moncrieff Mitchell & Company.

Mitchell enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1860 to study for an Arts degree, attending classes in Latin, Greek and Mathematics. He was awarded numerous academic prizes, including The Jeffrey Gold Medal for placing fifth in his Greek Provectiores class during his second session (1861-62). He was also recognized for excelling in 'Examination on Subject Prepared During the Summer', an exam based on the Greek Tyrones course. In his third session (1862-63) at the University, Mitchell was granted a 'Prize for General Eminence throughout the Session' by his fellow students of the Humanities class. Mitchell also won The Cowan Gold Medal, which was awarded 'to the best student in the Humanity Classes'. Furthermore, he was awarded '1st Prize on the Foundation of the late Professor Muirhead for Excelling in a written Examination on the Lectures and Prelections delivered in the Private Class during the Session'. In addition, Mitchell came in second for 'excelling in the Exercises in Latin Verse Composition, prescripted weekly during the Session'. Mitchell also won a prize during his second session of study 'For General Eminence In the Business of the Session' for his junior Mathematics class, and placed first 'For Excelling at Examinations on Paper during the Session'. During his last Session (1863-64) at the University, Mitchell was awarded the Prize for 'the Best Translation into Latin Prose of a Passage from Gibbon's Rome'. This prize was based on vacation exercises he had submitted to the University.

Following graduation, Andrew Mitchell became an Advocate (LL.B.), and member of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.


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Andrew Mitchell
Born 27 December 1843.
Died 1915.
GU Degree: MA, 1864; Arts,
University Link: Graduate, Student
Occupation categories: lawyers
English snippet: Arts Graduate of the University
Record last updated: 12th Nov 2012

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United States United States, New York
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Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

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