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Dr Radhaballabh Chanda
Dr Radhaballabh Chanda

Dr Radhaballabh Chanda, born on 1 February 1921 in Dacca, India (now Dhaka, Bangladesh), graduated from the University of Glasgow PhD in 1952.

He graduated BSc (1941) and MSc (1942) from the University of Dacca, before undetaking his PhD at Glasgow. The research for his PhD thesis on the Factors affecting the chemical composition of milk was carried out at the Hannah Dairy Research Institute, Kirkhill, Ayr, a research institute run by the University of Glasgow, the West of Scotland Agricultural College and the Department of Agriculture for Scotland. He continued his successful academic career in London and obtained C Chem, F.R.S.C.

Among his prestigious roles, Dr Chanda served as Director of the Central Drug Laboratory (Government of India); as a Consultant in Calcutta for the United Nations World Health Organisation; as a member of the Expert Advisory Panel on International Pharmacopoeia & Pharmaceuticals preparations; and as a United Nations WHO Consultant in Geneva from 1976-86. He was the Chairman of the Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) for the Eastern Zone of India until his death in 2008.


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Dr Radhaballabh Chanda
Born 1 February 1920, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Died 22 May 2008.
GU Degree: PhD, 1952; Science and Engineering, 5;
University Link: Alumnus, Researcher
Occupation categories: chemists
English snippet: Former director of the Central Drug Laboratory, WHO Consultant, and Chairman of the RSC
Record last updated: 11th Dec 2013

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