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Friedrich Trendelenburg, Matriculation 1862-63
Friedrich Trendelenburg, Matriculation 1862-63

Friedrich Trendelenburg, born on 24 May 1844 in Berlin, was a German surgeon of world-renown.

Trendelenburg, the son of the German philosopher and philologist Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872), commenced his medical studies at the University of Glasgow in session 1862-63, aged 18, despite Berlin's status at the time as a world centre of medical science and teaching. According to David Murray, Friedrich came at the suggestion of Professor Allen Thomson, an old friend of his fathers and his uncle Ferdinand Becker, to study Anatomy under him and surgery under Professor Joseph Lister. He also stayed in the family home of Prof Thomson during his two year period in Glasgow, where he attended classes in Natural Philosophy, Medicine and Anatomy (Descriptive and Practical) under both Prof Lister and Prof Thomson, and was awarded a first-class certificate in the Junior Division class of Anatomy. With this introduction to the world of medicine, Friedrich continued his medical studies at the University of Edinburgh, and completed his studies in Berlin. He received his medical doctorate in 1866. He was appointed Professor of Surgery in Rostock, in Bonn (1882), and in Leipzig (1895), where he was appointed surgeon-in-chief of the university clinic.

There are numerous medical treatments named after Friedrich Trendelenburg, among them is the Trendelenburg procedure, commonly known as varicose vein surgery. He was also the Founder of the German surgical society in 1872. Trendelenburg died on 15 December 1924.


Printed Materials

  • Murray, David, Memories of the Old College of Glasgow, Jackson, Wylie and Co., Glasgow, 1927.

Archival Materials

  • R8/1/3 1859-1865 Matriculation Album
  • R9/1/3 Class catalogue 1854-63


Friedrich Trendelenburg
Born 24 May 1844, Berlin, Germany.
Died 15 November 1924.
GU Degree: Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, 1862-63;
University Link: Alumnus, Student
Occupation categories: surgeons
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