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Biography of Edward Camden Smith

Edward Camden Smith graduated BSc from the University on 22 April 1912.

He was born in Trinidad, then British West Indies, modern day Trinidad and Tobago, son of James, an engineer.

During his studies, Smith was awarded a First Class Certificate for Physics Laboratory (winter session 1908-09), and a Second Class Certificate in Chemistry (summer session 1909). Upon graduation, Smith appears to have gone abroad to work, providing his contact address as c/o Messrs Reynolds Bros Ltd, Isezela (Sezela), South Coast, Natal, South Africa. He died there in 1965.


Archival Materials

  • College Courant, No35, 1965, p.80
  • R3/1/1 (vol 2) Register of dates of birth of graduates 1881-1915
  • R4/5/4 Graduate Schedules (BSc) 1911-13
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Edward Camden Smith
Born 13 June 1890.
Died 5 May 1965.
GU Degree: BSc, 1912; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers
Additional Information: R3/1/1 (vol 2)
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1912
Record last updated: 20th Aug 2013

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Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad
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South Africa South Africa, Natal
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