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Thomas Hamilton (1728-1782) was a University alumnus who followed his brother Robert as Regius Professor of Anatomy and Botany in 1757 (after Joseph Black had briefly occupied the Chair in 1756), and continued until his resignation in 1781. He was elected Clerk of the University in 1770.

Hamilton matriculated to study at the University in 1741 but there is no record of him graduating. He was in partnership with the surgeon John Moore before his appointment to the Regius Chair in 1757. He was a leading member of the city's Hodge Podge Club.

In 1777, Hamilton was stricken with palsy and was given leave of absence for two months. He had not fully recovered by October 1780, when the Faculty permitted him to employ his son William as a teaching assistant. In 1781 he asked the Faculty to promote his son as his successor to the Chair, and William was appointed Regius Professor in March that year.


Thomas Hamilton

Born 1728.
Died 7 January 1782.
University Link: Alumnus, Clerk of Senate, Professor
Occupation categories: anatomists
Record last updated: 8th Aug 2008

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