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Patrick O’Meally was born in 1807 in St. Catherine’s Parish in Jamaica where his father, John, owned the Mount Prosperous estate until he died in about 1817. He also owned Newport Lodge in St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, where 73 enslaved people were registered in his name in 1799. After his death his affairs were administered by a receiver and ownership of Newport seems to have passed to George O’Meally, who may have been a half- brother to Patrick. Before emancipation, George purchased (from an Ann O’Meally and a Bridget O’Meally), and immediately freed, enslaved people called O’Meally, suggesting a complex family lineage.

In 1822 Patrick came to Glasgow and began his studies in the Medical Faculty. His enrolment record identifies his father as John. In the session 1824-25 he enrolled in the classes of Surgery and Infirmary (Clinical). After graduating C.M. in 1825 he returned to Jamaica to practise as a surgeon and physician. He was just twenty-six when he died in 1833.


Patrick O'Meally
Born 1807.
Died 1833.
GU Degree: CM, 1825;
University Link: Graduate
Record last updated: 12th Apr 2021

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