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Biography of Reverend Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison was born in 1782 at Buller's Green, Morpeth in Northumberland. At a young age Robert was apprentice to his father and continued his education studying Latin, Hebrew and Theology. Soon after joining the Congregational Theological Academy at Hoxton he made the decision to become a missionary and in 1804 was appointed the first missionary to China by the London Missionary Society.

After arriving in China in 1807, he continued his language studies but the intensive regime of study played on his health and he moved to Macao in 1808. Whilst there he began to compile his 'Dictionary in the Chinese Language'. In 1809 he was appointed Chinese Translator by the East India Company to their factory.

With colleague Reverend William Milne they completed a translation of the Bible in Chinese which was published in 21 volumes in 1823 in Malacca, where the Anglo-Chinese College had been founded with a large donation from Morrison.

Morrison spent the rest of his life in China and was awarded Honorary D.D from the University in 1817 for his work as lexicographer and translator.


Reverend Robert Morrison
Born 5 January 1782.
Died 1 August 1834.
GU Degree: DD, 1817;
University Link: Honorary Graduate
Occupation categories: lexicographers; missionaries; translators
Record last updated: 29th Sep 2016

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