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Albert Alexander Gray
Albert Alexander Gray

Albert Alexander Gray graduated from the University MB and CM in 1890, and MD in 1896. He was born in Glasgow on 8 October 1868 to Quaker parents. His father, William, was a biscuit manufacturer.

Gray first matriculated at the University aged eighteen to study for a medical degree. He studies subject such as Surgery, Physiology and Anatomy. Gray was a highly successful student, and graduated with commendation. After finishing his studies Gray worked in general practices in both Blackburn and Munich before returning to Glasgow. His first hospital appointment was that of Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear to the Victoria Infirmary. He was later appointed University Lecturer on Diseases of the Ear and Surgeon for Diseases of the Ear to the Western Infirmary.

Gray was an outstanding scientific worker renowned for his authoritative work on otosclerosis (a middle ear condition) and he won several notable international prizes. His major publications were The Labyrinth of Animals (1907) which demonstrated the naked eye structure of the internal ear of vertebrate and the Atlas of Otology (1924) illustrating the normal and pathological anatomy of the human temporal bone. Gray retired in 1927.


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Albert Alexander Gray
Born 8 October 1868.
GU Degrees: MB CM, 1890; MD, 1896;
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