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Charles Schaw Cathcart, 9th Lord Cathcart (1721-1776) was Rector of the University from 1773 to 1775.

Born in Edinburgh, Cathcart served as an aide de camp to William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, and was wounded at the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745. He subsequently held a number of senior military posts in Scotland; was a High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and was Scotland's first Lord Commissioner of Police. In 1768 he was appointed ambassador to Russia and became a friend of Catherine the Great.

As Rector, Cathcart was influential in securing the appointment of his son's tutor William Richardson to the Chair of Humanity.


Charles Schaw Cathcart 9th Baron Cathcart
Soldier and Diplomat

Born 21 March 1721, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Died 14 August 1776.
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Occupation categories: diplomats; soldiers
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