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Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu (1954- ) was elected Rector of the University in 2004.

Born in Morocco, Vanunu was a nuclear technician in Israel when he disclosed Israeli nuclear secrets to western media in 1986. He went into hiding in Italy but was kidnapped by Israeli secret agents and convicted of treason in Israel, where he spent eighteen years in prison. He was released in 2004 but has been re-arrested on several occasions for alleged breaches of restrictions placed on his speech and movements. Amnesty International classified him in 2007 as a prisoner of conscience.

In the 2004 election, Vanunu defeated the former British Lion and Scotland rugby player John Beattie, the actor Jenni Keenan Green and the Indonesian peace campaigner Annas Alamudi. He was unable to travel to Scotland during his period of office but risked imprisonment to remain in regular contact with the students.


Mordechai Vanunu
Nuclear Plant Technician

Born 1954, Marrakesh, Morocco.
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University Link: Rector
Occupation categories: nuclear plant technicians
Record last updated: 26th Feb 2013

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