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There are 78 people with surnames beginning with 'V'.

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Thomas Vallas

Scotland Scotland
Place of Birth

Harold Lanfear Vallings

Born 12 December 1888.

England England
Place of Birth

Hilbert Van Cooten

Medical Student at the University of Glasgow, 1817.

Born 1750. Died 5 June 1837.

Guyana Guyana

Adrian Johannes van der Spuy

Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1915

Born 17 January 1889.

South Africa South Africa, Cape Town
Place of Birth

Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

Switzerland Switzerland, Geneva

Carel Johannes van Lingen

Born 5 April 1887.

South Africa South Africa
Place of Birth

Shang Van Pan

Born 7 December 1886.

China China
Place of Birth

Patricius Vance

Ireland Ireland
Place of Birth

Mordechai Vanunu

Morocco Morocco
Place of Birth

Israel Israel, No Region

Scotland Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow

Martin Charles Vanwell

Guyana Guyana, No Region
Place of Birth

James Vass

Born 26 August 1859.

Scotland Scotland

Hugo Vassus

Scotland Scotland
Place of Birth

James Vaughan

physician and prominent political activist in Nigeria

Born 30 May 1893. Died 1937.

Nigeria Nigeria, Lagos
Place of Birth

Nigeria Nigeria, Lagos
Place of Death

John Vaughan

Born 21 October 1864.

England England