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There are 495 people with surnames beginning with 'T'.

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Masataka Taketsuru

Founder of Japanese Whisky

Born 1895. Died 1979.

Japan Japan, Hiroshima Prefecture
Place of Birth

Japan Japan, Hokkaido, Yoichi
Place of Death

Osao Takigawa

Research student at the University of Glasgow

Born 28 August 1888.

Japan Japan, Tokyo
Place of Birth

Aikitsu Tanakadate

World-renowned geophysicist and seismologist

Born 18 September 1856. Died 21 May 1952.

Japan Japan, Iwate, Ninohe
Place of Birth

Japan Japan, Tokyo
Place of Death

Naosada Taniguchi

One of the earliest Japanese graduates of the University of Glasgow, Professor of Science at Tokyo University and Chief Engineer of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce

Born 1858.

Japan Japan, No Region
Place of Birth

William Tannock

Born 27 June 1913. Died 31 December 1947.

Scotland Scotland
Place of Birth

Edward Boyle Tant

Born 2 May 1855.

Scotland Scotland

John Alexander Tarrell

Born 4 October 1863.

Egypt Egypt

Raúl Amaro Tassier

Born 1894.

Argentina Argentina, Buenos Aires
Place of Birth

David Laurence Alexander Tate

Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow, 1906

Born 29 August 1884. Died 14 June 1938.

Jamaica Jamaica, Westmoreland, Bluefields
Place of Birth

Jamaica Jamaica, St James, Montego Bay
Place of Death

Peter Hawks Tate

Arts Student at the University

Born 1865.

Russian Federation Russian Federation, Perm
Place of Birth

Scotland Scotland, Dumbarton

Richard H Tate

Arts student at the University of Glasgow in 1817

Born 1801.

Bahamas Bahamas, New Providence
Place of Birth