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There are 1396 people with surnames beginning with 'S'.

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Michael Samuels

Born 1920. Died 25 November 2010.

England England
Place of Birth

John Philip Sandblom

Honorary Doctor of Laws, Swedish medical researcher

Born 1903. Died 2001.

United States United States, Chicago
Place of Birth

Switzerland Switzerland, Lausanne
Place of Death

Sweden Sweden, Lund

United States United States, San Diego

Anundo Lall Sandel

Died 9 October 1894.

India India, Kolkata
Place of Birth

Ireland Ireland

Walter Sandeman

Born 9 February 1861.

Scotland Scotland

Peter Berrie Sanderson

Arts student at the University of Glasgow

Born 1817. Died 24 April 1868.

Scotland Scotland, Greenock
Place of Birth

Sweden Sweden, Jönköping, Spexeryd
Place of Death

Narain Singh Sandhu

Born 6 October 1890.

Pakistan Pakistan, Padhana
Place of Birth

James Sandilands

Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1895, Medical missionary

Born 9 August 1864.

Vanuatu Vanuatu

William Pettit Sandilands

Born 27 January 1859.

England England

Manfred Sandmann

Lecturer of French at the University of Glasgow and PhD graduate in 1949

Born 2 June 1906. Died 12 November 1980.

Poland Poland, Iława County, Susz
Place of Birth

United States United States, California, Berkeley
Place of Death

England England, London, London

France France, No Region

Germany Germany, Thuringia, Jena

Jamaica Jamaica, Kingston, Mona

Poland Poland, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Gdańsk

Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Spain Spain, Madrid, Madrid

Tojiro Sano

Prominent Japanese civil engineer

Born 19 June 1869. Died 7 November 1929.

Japan Japan, Nagoya
Place of Birth

Japan Japan, No Region
Place of Death

Adolph Aaron Saphir

Graduate of the University of Glasgow, Jewish-born Presbyterian minister

Born September 1831. Died 4 April 1891.

Hungary Hungary, No Region
Place of Birth

Ireland Ireland, No Region

United Kingdom United Kingdom, England, Greenwich

Kouji Satow

Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow

Born 20 January 1878.

Japan Japan, Tokyo
Place of Birth