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There are 11 people with surnames beginning with 'Z'.

Daniel Zahn

Medical Graduate of the University of Glasgow.

United States United States, New York, New York
Place of Birth

Joseph Zahra

Arts and Education graduated at the University of Glasgow om 1948, 1949

Malta Malta, Sliema
Place of Birth

Frantisek Zalud

Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow, Czech refugee and prominent engineer

Born 8 August 1919. Died 14 October 1993.

Czech Republic Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov
Place of Birth

Paul Zelinka

Theology student at the University of Glasgow in 1924

Born 1898.

Czech Republic Czech Republic, Bohemia, Husinec

Joseph Andrew de Zencovich

Engineering student at the University of Glasgow from 1919-22

Born 1901.

Italy Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste
Place of Birth

William Zinkeisen

Born 9 February 1865.

Colombia Colombia

Germany Germany

Chaim Zirkel

Arts student at the University of Glasgow

Born 1886.

Belarus Belarus, Minsk
Place of Birth

Germany Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Russian Federation Russian Federation, No Region

Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

Werner Zollinger

Theology student at the Universiyt of Glasgow in 1925

Born 1900.

Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich
Place of Birth

John Zuill

Born 31 January 1865.

Scotland Scotland

Robert Zuill

Born 22 April 1867.

England England

Scotland Scotland