International Story Editors: Rebecca Rooney

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Rebecca Rooney has contributed to 7 currently available biographies:

Ryokichi Kawada (Born 1856. Died 1951.)
Student of Engineering at the University of Glasgow

Reisaku Masuda (Born 1857)
One of the earliest Japanese graduates of the University of Glasgow, Chief Engineer at Nippon Railway Company

Kiyoshi Minami (Born 1 May 1856. Died 20 January 1904.)
Chief engineer on Sanyƍ railway line

Shinrokuro Miyoshi (Born 9 September 1856. Died 28 January 1910.)
First Professor of Naval Architecture at University of Tokyo

Kotaro Motoki (Born 1860)
Engineering student at the University of Glasgow

Masatomo Naito (Born 1861)
Imperial Navy Engineer and Director of the Onohoma Shipyard

Naomoto Takayama (Born 1855)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College of Engineering