International Story Editors: Alexandre Cenarro

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Alexandre Cenarro has contributed to 10 currently available biographies:

Manuel Álvarez Florencio (Born 1848)
Student of Engineering at the University of Glasgow

David Tennant Cowan (Born 1896. Died 1983.)
Distinguished British Army Officer

Samuel Lovell Davidson (Born 30 July 1912. Died 8 August 1999.)
Famous paediatric surgeon, the first diabetic patient in Scotland to receive insulin

Thomas Alexander Dempsey (Born 1900)
Medical student at the University of Glasgow

Eduardo López-Dóriga (Born 1852)
First Spanish student, pioneering Naval Engineer, and son of one of the founders of Banco Santander SA

Joaquin Alejo Lorente de Martínez (Born 1885)
Science student at the University of Glasgow

Mariano Joaquin Lorente de Martínez (Born 7 January 1883. Died March 1964.)
Engineering student at the University of Glasgow

Margaret Mercedes Morton (Born 7 August 1892)
Medical graduate of the Univeristy of Glasgow

Charles Sutherland McKay Murison (Born 9 July 1884)
Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow

Edward Paterson Rutherford (Born 10 February 1890)
Science and Engineering graduate of the University and Army Captain in WWI