Lund University Congratulatory address to the University of Glasgow upon its Ninth Jubilee, 1901 Sweden

Lund University Congratulatory Address 1901
Lund University Congratulatory Address 1901

Custodian: University of Glasgow Archive Services

Reference: DC184/86

The collections of Congratulatory Addresses, DC184 and DC185, commemorate the University of Glasgow's Ninth Jubilee in 1901, and Fifth Centenary in 1951. The addresses were presented by various universities, colleges, academies, learned societies and other institutions from around the world, to mark these anniversary occasions.

The addresses themselves are visually and artistically interesting; many of them are lithographed and illuminated, and a number include the seals of the originating institution. The addresses are also noteworthy from a language perspective. The majority of them are written in Latin, but there are also a variety of other languages such as French, German, Welsh, Sanskrit and Japanese.

They praise the University for its important work and excellent reputation. They also highlight the connections between the University of Glasgow and other institutions, and emphasise the importance of history and tradition, while congratulating the University on reaching these anniversaries.

This Congratulatory address is from Lund University, 1901, and marks our long-standing friendship with that institution.

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