Canadian Pacific Line brochure from the papers of Hugh Donaldson Canada

 Canadian Pacific Line brochure 1957
Canadian Pacific Line brochure 1957

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Reference: UGC25/4 (formerly) ACCN 1821/1/6

The Canadian Pacific Line operated as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co, which was established in 1881 to provide a means of transportation between east and west Canada. By 1885, the first railway across Canada, from Ontario to British Columbia was complete.

The company quickly diversified, and by the end of the nineteenth century operated a steamship service operating in the Great Lakes and on transatlantic routes and was involved in the tourist trade with hotels across the country. This diversification made it possible to travel from Britain to Hong Kong using only the Canadian Pacific Railway’s liners, trains and hotels. The diversification continued in the twenty-first century with the development of Canadian Pacific Airlines.

This item is taken from the papers of Hugh Donaldson who sailed on the Canadian Pacific Line. The Canadian Pacific Line’s ships were christened with the prefix Empress, and became world-famous for their luxury and speed. This is the elegantly designed programme for the programme of events on board the Empress of Britain on 22nd August 1957.