Map of Indian Ocean including the Maldives (1670s) Maldives

Map of the Maldives (1670s)
Map of the Maldives (1670s)

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Reference: Sp Coll f296

The map including the Maldives (bottom left) forms the left hand side of the front endpaper in Sieur Jean de Lacombe, of Quercy, A Compendium of the East; being an account of voyages to the Grand Indies..., London: Golden Cockerel Press, 1937.

Lacombe's original manuscript dates to 1681 and describes his experiences and observations as captain of arms to the Dutch East India Company. The manuscript was rediscovered in the mid-1930s. The English edition was translated by Denis and Stephanie Clark and includes an introduction and notes by Ashley Gibson. Only 300 copies were published by the small, private Golden Cockerel Press.

The maps and plates contained in the Compendium are reproductions of contemporary engravings first published in Wouter Schoutens Oost-Indische Voyagie, Amsterdam: Jacob Meurs & Johannes van Someren, 1676.