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Elizabeth Dalrymple Taylor, Matriculation Slip, 1922-23
Elizabeth Dalrymple Taylor, Matriculation Slip, 1922-23

Elizabeth Dalrymple Taylor graduated with an MA degree (with Honours of the First Class in Classics) from the University on 20 November 1926.

She was born on 11 March 1905 in Ayr, Ayrshire, daughter of Thomas, a manager at a granite brushing factory. Her home address was in Bay View, Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Taylor studied at Douglas High School in Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, before enrolling at the University in 1922, aged 17, to study for an Arts degree. She attended classes in Greek, Latin and Roman History (part of her Latin classes) from 1922-1926; classes in English Literature from 1923-1924 and Moral Philosophy from 1924-1925. During a majority of Taylor’s time at the University, she resided with a Mrs Devein, 34 West End Park Street, Glasgow. In her third year of study however, she lodged with an 'Anderson, 16 Arlington Street, Glasgow'.

She excelled in her studies, receiving a Certificate of Distinction in session 1922-1923 in the Latin class of Professor John Swinnerton Phillimore . The following year (session 1923-1924) she also received a Distinction Certificate for Roman History, as well as achieving a First Class Certificate for English Literature. In session 1924-1925, she additionally received an Ordinary Class prize in the Moral Philosophy class of Sir Hector James Wright Hetherington who later became Principal of the University from 1936-1961. In Taylor’s final year, she was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for ‘General excellence in all work of the class’ in her Honours Latin class with Professor J.S. Phillimore.

Taylor worked as a teacher upon graduating, commencing her employment on 1 January 1927 with a post town and residence of Bayview, Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire.


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Miss Elizabeth Dalrymple Taylor

Born 11 March 1905.
Died 1986.
GU Degree: Master of Arts , 1926; Arts, 4;
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate, Student
Occupation categories: teachers
English snippet: Arts graduate of the University of Glasgow 1926
Record last updated: 16th Nov 2017

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Scotland Scotland, Ayr
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